Friday, August 17, 2007


I've started this post to reach out to others who might have lost a child to this insidious cult that calls itself ENGINE.

Four months ago my 21 year old son Jeremy disappeared without a word. He had been living by himself in Northampton, working as a realtor. We got a call from his job when he hadn't shown up for three days. His desk was a mess they had told us, and when we went there to see his boss, he showed us the notebooks and papers Jeremy had left behind. Scribbled all over everything was the word Engine, or sometimes just a capital E with a circle drawn around it. My husband and I put everything we had into trying to find out what this Engine meant. What we learned was chilling:

  • ENGINE is a secret cult, with hundreds of thousands, possibly even millions of members worldwide. The fact that they remain unknown is a testament to how powerful they are.
  • ENGINE is out to destroy the world. Literally. The believe that the planet is evil, and that it is their sole duty to put it to death. We haven't as yet been able to figure out how they plan to do this.
  • If you think Scientolgy is weird, ENGINE has even more bizarre beliefs about how the earth itself is God, and it created us for some hideous purpose, and then has been trying to wipe us out ever since.
  • ENGINE also believes that everyone is naturally telepathic, and they force their subjects to learn something they call The Language of The Mind, which is basically I think brainwashing. Jeremy had always been into that occult business and I remember him telling me once that he believed he was a mindreader. We knew it was nonsense, but now this horrible organization has used his innocent fascination to suck him in.
  • ENGINE is run by a trillionaire mogul, and he's set up compounds all around the globe where he keeps thousands of innocents brainwashed and in captivity.

We've heard that their main compound is located in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, and we believe that this must be where Jeremy has gone to. Please share with us anything you might have heard about any other locations.

If you have any more information about ENGINE, or have a child that has disappeared, or have witnessed any kind of strange activity, please write to us. I will keep a running update here of our efforts to find Jeremy. Please get in touch if you've heard anything at all!

Thank you,

Betty and Randall Sharpe

Greenfield, MA